What is elevenchain ?

Elevenchain is a new cryptocurrency based on the X11 algorithm.
A future direction is one without a central authority.
High security
Compared to other encryption methods, it's evident that cryptocurrencies based on the X11 algorithm offer higher security.
Participation by everyone
Everyone can participate in mining.

Why choose us?

Fast payments

Fast payments facilitated through the presence of masternodes.


No central authority, network is more decentralized


Provides higher level of network protection.

Energy Efficiency

Mining process is more energy-saving.

This year's plans

January 2024
The team proposed a token with the X11 algorithm at its core.
February 2024
The cryptocurrency, Elevenchain, based on the X11 algorithm, was established.
March 2024
Possibly opening exchanges to facilitate more currency transactions.
May 2024
Updating more wallet versions to provide support.
July 2024
Support for cross-chain conversion
November 2024
Updating the web wallet


Frequently Questions

Could you please explain in detail what Elevenchain is?
Elevenchain is a cryptocurrency project based on the X11 algorithm. The X11 algorithm is a hashing algorithm that consists of 11 different hash functions, offering enhanced security compared to traditional hashing algorithms. Elevenchain leverages the X11 algorithm to provide a secure and decentralized platform for transactions and other blockchain-based activities.
How can I join you?
Welcome to join our Discord community to access through other channels.
How are tokens allocated?
This question is crucial indeed. We have allocated 11,000,000 tokens in supply, and at every 500,000 tokens, we perform a block halving
What does masternode mean?
When you have 5000 ECH, you can become a masternode. Masternodes undertake more tasks.
How to download wallet files?
Please visit our GitHub.